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Nicholson, R. Submission to Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines

Rikki Nicholson, Senate submission No 337 I am writing as a Pacific Hydro wind factory refugee from Cape Bridgewater, whose family has endured six years of horrendous impacts including sleep deprivation, severe headaches, severe nausea, inability … Read On »

Nederlands Section, International Commission of Jurists — Human Rights & the Environment

2011 OHCHR study Human Rights and Environment Stakeholder input by the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM) June 2011 Response to the call for input by the Office of the UN High Commission for … Read On »

International Human Rights & Fracking. Sisters of Mercy Guide

A Guide to Rights-Based Advocacy –International Human Rights Law and Fracking. This Guide is produced by the Sisters of Mercy (NGO), Mercy International Association: Global Action, enjoying special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council … Read On »

Polish Ombudsman — Rights of Residents Living Near Wind Farms

Poland’s Ombudsman stands up for the rights of residents living near wind farms How can we help people who have wind turbines above their homes? Earlier this month Poland’s Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) addressed this question to … Read On »

Kermond, J. Submission to 2015 Select Committee on Wind Turbines

…symptoms included headaches, nausea, fatigue, sleep deprivation, dizziness, loss of concentration and cognitive skills, heart palpitations, fluctuations in blood pressure with no correlation, depression, head and ear pressure increasing to an unbearable level, cramping pain in … Read On »

Maxon, S. How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind & Body

Getting too little sleep can have serious health consequences, including depression, weight gain, and heart disease. It is torture. I know. Seth Maxon Dec 30 2013 Unlike other basic bodily functions, such as eating and breathing, we … Read On »

Open Letter to Federal Government Damage to Rural Australians from RET

June 1, 2015 Members of the House of Representatives and Senators Australian Federal Parliament OPEN LETTER Deliberate Harm to the Health of Rural Australians, via the RET, Enabled by the CER, via Parliament Tomorrow, the Bill to … Read On »