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Cooper, Acoustic Group. Submission to Queensland Draft Guidelines

SUBMISSION IN RELATION TO DRAFT QUEENSLAND WIND FARM GUIDElINES 45.5188.R4:MSC  The Acoustic Group Prepared for: Waubra Foundation 11 December, 2015 Excerpts 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1. The Queensland Government has issued a draft wind farm state code and … Read On »

Cooper, S. The Acoustic Group. Results of Cape Bridgewater Acoustic Investigation

The Results of an Acoustic Testing Program Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Steven Cooper, Principal, The Acoustic Group, Australia A number of findings arise from the study and have been grouped as follows. 11.1 Non-acoustic findings The following non-acoustic … Read On »

Cape Bridgewater

Cape Bridgewater Residents’ Public Statement re Pacific Hydro’s Acoustic Research by Steven Cooper

Investigation of the Acoustic Impact of Pacific Hydro’s Wind Turbines at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, Australia Participating Residents’ Statement 21st January, … Read On »

Steve Cooper

Cooper, S. Hiding Wind Farm Noise in Ambient Measurements.… Denver August 2013

Hiding Wind Farm Noise in Ambient Measurements — Noise Floor, Wind Direction and Frequency Limitations Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group … Read On »

Steve Cooper

Cooper, S The Acoustic Group Critique of Sonus Infrasound Doc. Excessive Noise Bill Inquiry

The Acoustic Group’s Supplementary Submission to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms Bill 2012, 27 November, … Read On »

Steve Cooper

Cooper, S. Submission to Excessive Noise from Wind Farms Inquiry

Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Consulting Acoustical & Vibration Engineers Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Excessive Noise … Read On »

Cooper S, South Australian EPA & Resonate Acoustics — Peer Review

The Acoustic Group Peer Review of the South Australian Environmental Protection Agency & Resonate Resources Report, February 26 2013 Various wind developers and industry lobby groups both in Australia and around the world have been claiming that … Read On »

Cooper, S Are Wind Farms Too Close to Communities?

Steven Cooper The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia Currently, state planning legislation in Australia suggests separation distances of 1-2km from wind farms. Noise limits incorporated in the various State guidelines and used for assessment purposes … Read On »

Peer Review of Noise Impact Assessment, Stony Gap Wind Farm, South Australia

The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Consulting Acoustical & Vibration Engineers, peer review a Noise Impact Statement from Marshall Day Acoustics. May 26 2012 An application has been submitted to the Regional Council of Goyder by Roaring 40s … Read On »