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Krogh, C. McMurtry, R. Health Canada & Wind Turbines: Too Little Too Late?

Health Canada and Wind Turbines: Too little too late? CMAJ • November 28, 2014 Carmen Krogh, BScPharm (retired), is a peer reviewed IWT health researcher and former Director of Publications and Editor-in-Chief of the CPS. R Y McMurtry is Professor … Read On »

Hanning, Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation & Planning Control Study, INWG

Independent Noise Working Group Work Package 3.2 – Excessive Amplitude Modulation, Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep and Health Author: Dr Christopher D Hanning BSc MRCS.MRCP MB BS.FRCA MD Honorary Consultant in Sleep Medicine, University Hospitals of Leicester … Read On »

McMurtry, Krogh, Diagnostic Criteria for Adverse Health Effects in the Environs of Wind Turbines

Robert Y McMurtry and Carmen ME Krogh Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine Summary In an effort to address climate change, governments have pursued policies that seek to reduce greenhouse gases. Alternative energy, including wind … Read On »

Krogh, C. Brief Overview of References, Noise, Wind Turbines, Adverse Health Effects

Brief Overview of References Noise including Industrial Wind Turbines and Adverse Health Effects March, 2011 By Carmen Krogh, B ScPharm Excerpted from work compiled by Brett Horner, B.A., CMA World Health Organization recognizes annoyance and sleep disturbance … Read On »

Krogh, C. Letter to Health Canada — Pamphlet & Preliminary Results March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015 The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay Minister of Justice and Attorney General  (see other recipients at the bottom of this page) Dear Prime Minister Harper, … Read On »

Krogh, Carmen. Writes to ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

From: Carmen Krogh, BScPharm, Ontario, Canada There is sufficient evidence that some are negatively affected by industrial wind energy facilities. Some families exposed to these facilities are abandoning their homes and reporting health and social-economic harm… … Read On »

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Krogh, Horner. Industry Led — Government Supported, Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise Study

Industry Led – Government Supported Following Canada’s Wind Technology Roadmap and Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study Carmen … Read On »

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Public Officials at Risk of Criminal Charges for Torture — Public Statement

23 October, 2014 PUBLIC STATEMENT Public Officials Are at Risk of Criminal Charges for Torture by Ignoring Prolonged Sleep Deprivation … Read On »