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Mihaljevic,M. Statement to Burwood Council re Low Frequency Noise Problem

Burwood Council Meeting – Tuesday 22nd March 2016 at 6:00pm Resident Statement – Open Forum Item LOW FREQUENCY NOISE (“LFN”) CONTINUES TO ADVERSELY IMPACT RESIDENTS IN BURWOOD & INNER WEST (ref: E14/27295) Mayor, Councillors, Council Staff, … Read On »


Hansen, C.H. Comments: SA EPA Waterloo Wind Farm Environmental Noise Study 2013

Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen The following document is an analysis of the recent “Waterloo Wind Farm Environmental Noise Study” conducted … Read On »

Waubra For Sale Signs

Poor Planning Behind Division Over Wind Projects — John McMahon

John McMahon, Opinion Piece Ballarat Courier, August 4, 2013 THE title of Andrew Bray’s article “Wind energy leadership missing” (The Courier, … Read On »

Cooper S, South Australian EPA & Resonate Acoustics — Peer Review

The Acoustic Group Peer Review of the South Australian Environmental Protection Agency & Resonate Resources Report, February 26 2013 Various wind developers and industry lobby groups both in Australia and around the world have been claiming that … Read On »


Questions Blowing in the Wind, Waterloo South Australia

Graham Lloyd, Environment editor The Australian newspaper, April 21, 2012 FROM the low mountain ridge, 3km in the distance, the roar … Read On »