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Punch, James A Four-Decade History of Evidence: Wind Turbines Pose Risks

Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health: A Four-Decade History of Evidence that Wind Turbines Pose Risks “The reviewed evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that acoustic emissions from Industrial Wind Turbines is a leading cause of Adverse Health … Read On »

Keshavarz, B. et al. Demonstrating the Potential for Dynamic Auditory Stimulation to Contribute to Motion Sickness

Keshavarz B, Hettinger LJ, Kennedy RS, Campos JL (2014) Demonstrating the Potential for Dynamic Auditory Stimulation to Contribute to Motion Sickness. PLoS ONE 9(7): e101016. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0101016 Published: July 1, 2014 The present study is the first to … Read On »

Waubra For Sale Signs

Poor Planning Behind Division Over Wind Projects — John McMahon

John McMahon, Opinion Piece Ballarat Courier, August 4, 2013 THE title of Andrew Bray’s article “Wind energy leadership missing” (The Courier, … Read On »


Schomer, et al, Wind Turbine Noise Conference, Denver, August 2013

A proposed theory to explain some adverse physiological effects of the infrasonic emissions at some wind farm sites 5th International Conference … Read On »


Havas, M. Colling D. Wind Turbines Make Waves: Why Some Residents Near Wind Turbines Become Ill

Abstract People who live near wind turbines complain of symptoms that include some combination of the following: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, … Read On »

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ABC TV – Stateline

February 19, 2010 Cheryl Hall investigates claims of ill health from residents affected by the Waubra wind farm and learns about … Read On »