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Grima, T. Submission to Federal Select Committee on Wind Farms

Submission 374. Theresa Grima, NSW, Australia I make this submission to the inquiry as a public submission. My submission to the inquiry relates to the terms of reference (e) “The adequacy of monitoring and compliance governance … Read On »

Sannikka, M. EPA Licence for Bodangora Wind Farm

28 January 2016 EPA Far West Operations Attention: Michelle Gibson Email: RE: BODANGORA WIND FARMMP10_0157MOD 1 I am a retiree living at Wellington. I started general noise testing in 1969, working … Read On »

FitzGerald, D. Buzzing Noise Means No Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Inner West Courier – Inner West Edition Deborah FitzGerald February 16, 2016 CALL TO FIND THE SOURCE A MYSTERY noise in the form of a persistent hum or buzz that has plagued residents across parts of the … Read On »

NSW EPA Draft Guidelines — Low Frequency Noise from Commercial Centre

Submission to Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Draft Guidelines — NSW Industrial Noise Policy  1st November 2015 (Modified version including additional text in some sections from subsequent email correspondence with the EPA) Excerpts Introduction I work full-time in … Read On »

Allan, N. Submission to Senate Select Inquiry on Wind Turbines

SUBMISSION 396 Norman Allan Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines Inquiry into the application of regulatory governance and economic impact of wind turbines 4th May 2015  My name is Norman Allan; I am the proprietor of a … Read On »