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Annoyance and Wind Turbines — Society for Wind Vigilance

Annoyance with wind turbine noise was associated with psychological distress, stress, difficulties to fall asleep and sleep interruption.” [1] Peer … Read On »

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Laurie, S. Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects and Professional Ethics

Sarah Laurie’s Address for the Human Rights Conference, Falmouth USA, October 2013 “Wind Turbine Noise, Adverse Health Effects & Professional … Read On »


Krogh, C. Survey of Investigations Being Conducted by Physicians & Specialists, Feb. 2013

Adverse health effects, industrial wind turbines: Survey of investigations being conducted by physicians and specialists, Carmen Krogh, Society for Wind … Read On »

Bob McMurtry

Prof. Robert McMurtry Evidence of Known Adverse Health Effects

Detailed statement of evidence for the landmark Ontario case Erikson v Ministry of Environment where the judges found that there … Read On »