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Brown County – Calls for Dismissal of Health Director Xiong’s Determination – Shirley Wind

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy May 18, 2016 BCCRWE Calls for Dismissal of Health Director Chua Xiong’s Determination Concerning Shirley Wind On 10-14-14 the Brown County Board of Health declared the 2.5 MW wind … Read On »

Knuth, Dr L. Submission to Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Comments on Wisconsin’s Wind Siting Rules by Biologist Lynne Knuth 17 June 2010 At what threshold are effects of infrasound seen with continuous exposure? We need answers. I posted a previous comment on the PSC website … Read On »

Boogart, J Wind Siting Report Report Not to be Trusted

 PORTAGE DAILY REGISTER GUEST COLUMN: Wind siting report not to be trusted James Vanden Boogart January 6, 2015 In October … Read On »

Emergency Aid Sought for Families Suffering Around Wind Turbines

Brown County, Wisconsin, Board of Health acknowledges adverse health effects On January 10, 2012 the Brown County Board of Health adopted .. a resolution requesting emergency State aid for families suffering around industrial wind turbines. Download the full resolution … Read On »