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Harrison, L. Wind Turbines = Animal Deaths and Deformities?

By Lindsey Harrison The New Falcon Herald Volume No. 13, Issue No. 5, May 2016 The Golden West Wind Energy Center in Calhan, Colorado, which consists of 145 453-foot tall industrial wind turbines, has been … Read On »

McCorkle, F. It Is Finally Time

This very sad, but now all too common letter discussing wind turbine impacts is published here with the permission of the author. Fred McCorkle — April 21, 2016 After being awakened for the ump-teenth time by these … Read On »

FitzGerald, D. Buzzing Noise Means No Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Inner West Courier – Inner West Edition Deborah FitzGerald February 16, 2016 CALL TO FIND THE SOURCE A MYSTERY noise in the form of a persistent hum or buzz that has plagued residents across parts of the … Read On »

Wainfleet: Stop Issuing Feed-In­-Tariff Contracts for Wind Power

51 Ontario Municipalities endorse resolution Erie Media March 4, 2016 The Township of Wainfleet has gained support from 51 other municipalities in Ontario who have endorsed the Townships resolution calling on the Ontario government to not award … Read On »

Seitz, WJ. Martis, M. Trespass Zoning is Wind Energy’s Secret Subsidy

The Lima News Ohio Trespass zoning is wind energy’s secret subsidy First Posted: 9:00 pm — February 19th, 2016 By William J. Seitz and Kevon Martis — Contributing Columnists There was a time when the environmental movement … Read On »

Lazzaro,K. ABC The World Today Residents Reject Wind Farm Health Findings

Campaigners against wind farms have rejected a report finding no scientific evidence to link wind turbines to health problems. ABC NEWS – The World Today The World Today Kellie Lazzaro 5 Jul 2010 Campaigners against wind farms have … Read On »

DTE Energy Changes Turbines Plan to Accommodate Patient, Huron County

Huron Daily Tribune Wednesday, October 14, 2015 8:05 am By Chris Aldridge Tribune Staff Writer HURON COUNTYDTE Energy says it won’t build a wind turbine near a resident whose doctor says it would … Read On »

Driscoll, S. Falmouth Zoning Board Orders Turbine Shutdown

CAPE COD TIMES Sean F. Driscoll Updated Sep 18, 2015 at 12:03 AM FALMOUTH — In a stunning move, the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals voted Thursday night to temporarily shut down one of the town’s twin wind turbines after … Read On »