Australia Recommends Wind Farm Noise Study

AUSTRALIA 24th June, 2011

A parliamentary inquiry into the social and economic impacts of wind farms has concluded that local government noise standards should take into account the impact of low frequency noise and vibrations from turbines.

The parliamentary committee noted that the Australian wind industry has a positive contribution in terms of creating jobs and income for farmers who host wind farms.

But it recommended further studies on the possible effects of wind farms and noise, including infrasound, on health. The government should also consider whether policy should be drawn up on the distance between wind farms and homes, it said.

Anti-wind group the Waubra Foundation had claimed in its evidence to the committee that the wind industry uses confidentiality clauses to prevent residents who claim their health is affected by a wind farm from speaking publicly about their problems.

Industry body the Clean Energy Council welcomed the report’s recommendations and said it supported further work on the health impacts of turbines.

Source: Windpower monthly