Victorian Government Announces 2km Setback for New Turbine Developments

The following amendment, known as VC82, was gazetted on 29th August, 2011. It amended the Victorian Planning Provisions and all planning schemes in Victoria.

Amendment VC82 prohibits a wind energy facility in the following circumstances and locations:

  1. Turbines within two kilometres of an existing dwelling except where the planning permit application includes evidence of written consent from the owner of the dwelling to the location of the turbine.
  2. Areas of high conservation and landscape values including National and State Parks described in a schedule to the National Parks Act 1975 and Ramsar wetlands as defined under section 17 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.
  3. Locations that feature a high degree of amenity, environmental value, or significant tourist destinations including the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine Peninsula, Macedon and McHarg Ranges, Bass Coast and the Great Ocean Road region.
  4. Locations identified for future urban growth including land in the Urban Growth Zone and designated regional population corridors specified in the Regional Victoria Settlement Framework Plan in the State Planning Policy Framework.

The policy and planning guidelines for development of wind energy facilities in Victoria was updated to include the changes introduced by Amendment VC82. The guidelines are now a reference document in the Victoria Planning Provisions and planning schemes and address:

  1. What evidence is required to be provided to a responsible authority of the consent of an owner of a dwelling for a turbine proposed to be located within two kilometres of a dwelling. A written Statement of Consent Form (DOC – 55 KB) may be used.
  2. Model permit conditions that should be considered by a responsible authority when issuing a planning permit for a wind energy facility. Appendix B of the Policy and planning guidelines for development of wind energy facilities in Victoria, August 2011 (PDF – 553 KB) contains model permit conditions.

A full copy of Amendment VC82 is available on Planning Scheme Amendments Online