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VESTAS Launches ACT on FACTS Campaign

Source: Einpresswire Vestas this week launches the first phase of a cutting-edge global campaign to separate myths from facts … Read On »

Wellington Prison Officer Concerned About Infigen’s Bodangora Wind Development

Credit:  | By FARREN HOTHAM | Daily Liberal | July 30, 2013 | ~~ A senior officer with the Wellington Correctional Centre has made an impassioned plea to proponents of the proposed windfarm near Wellington … Read On »

Wind Turbine Noise 2013 International Conference, Denver

The Conference is organised by INCE/Europe in co-operation with the Institute of Noise Control Engineering–USA, whose NoiseCon 2013 conference will … Read On »

Wind Turbine Dangers known since 1987

HEALTH impacts caused by low-frequency noise from wind turbines have been known to US researchers and the renewable energy industry … Read On »