Cullerin Range Followup Survey 2013 Confirms Adverse Impacts And Complaints

The second Cullerin Range Wind Development anonymous population survey has just been compiled and released, after four years exposure since the wind turbines commenced operating in 2009.

Questions were extended to include information about complaints lodged by residents with the developer, government authorities and others. In contrast to Professor Simon Chapman’s research involving information provided by the wind developer stating there were no complaints from Cullerin, residents report lodging over 300 complaints with the developer or various government authorities.

Nothing has been done by either the developer Origin Energy OR the NSW government authorities to effectively address the problems for the residents. The results of a noise audit conducted in 2012 by the NSW Department of Planning are still not publicly available despite the developers Origin and Infigen having access to the results for “comment”.

68%(24) of the 35 households resident out to 10km from the wind turbines participated in the survey. No household participating in the survey was adversely impacted by noise and vibration beyond 8km. 91% of these households out to 8km were impacted by the wind turbine noise or vibration which was affecting the sleep and health of the residents, and all had lodged complaints with the developer or the responsible authorities. In the 20 households this represents, there are 50 residents – 49 of whom are adversely impacted.

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