Dangerous Heart Condition Worse With Wind Turbines

CALUMET, Oklahoma – A Calumet man says a wind farm is threatening his health. But he says short of moving away, there’s nothing he can do about it.

Rick Huffstutlar has lived in a country home with his wife Tammy for 16 years. Last year, wind turbines from a wind farm appeared on a neighbor’s property.

Huffstutlar has a dangerous heart condition that can cause an irregular heartbeat. Ricks says medication kept it in check for eight years, until the wind turbines appeared.

“All the doctors I’ve talked to about it or have seen about it say this is such a new science, they just don’t know what all it does. But they see it,” Rick said.

The Huffstutlar’s say they’re selling their home and are moving away.

Source:  By Steve Shaw, News 9 | September 9, 2013 | www.news9.com