Letter From Macarthur Resident, Chris Jelbart

Macarthur resident Chris Jelbart makes a very important point in her letter to the local paper, the Hamilton Spectator. No one who has not lived beside a wind energy facility is qualified to speak about what that the residents experience, and how it affects them.

The text of her letter is below:


Last week I took exception to Jo Smith’s letter in the Spectator. On the basis of a short visit, she presumes to know all about the noise emanating from the Macarthur Wind Energy Facility. I didn’t think it merited a response.

However her reply to Keith Staff and Cheryl Small is worse than abysmal. Keith and Cheryl have spoken to residents who lives surrounding the Macarthur WEF. I am one of those residents. I wonder if Jo Smith would be quite so cocky if she had spent the last few nights sleeping to the east of the Macarthur WEF. If she came and talked to us she would hear of our sleep disrupted nights, because the noise is incessant and debilitating. When you try and block it out, it comes through the pillow. She would learn that there are nights when the noise is heard above the television. She might feel sympathy for those who suffer headaches and nausea which began after the turbines started turning. There are people at least five km away who are feeling the effects and suffering sleep deprivation.

Not every night is bad, but this week has been awful.

This morning we drove our son to Tullamarine. We were all wide awake about 2.30am and were unable to go back to sleep. I had a fitful two hours sleep prior to that. In total I had about two hours sound sleep. How safe are we driving on the roads if we are sleep deprived.

Until you have lived beside the Macarthur WEF for a few months, you are absolutely unqualified to give an opinion.

Chris Jelbart