Mason Country Wind Farm Neighbours Sue Developer (Mitchigan)

Mason County wind farm neighbors sue Consumers Energy, claim physical harm from Lake Winds Energy Park

John S. Hausman, The Muskego Chronicle April 8, 2013

UPDATE: Consumers Energy: Wind farm meets permit requirements; flicker being fixed

LUDINGTON, MI – Seventeen neighbors of the Lake Winds Energy Park wind farm south of Ludington have sued Consumers Energy Co., alleging that noise, vibrations and flickering lights from its 56 towering turbines are causing sleeplessness, headaches, dizziness and other physical symptoms as well as economic loss.

According to the complaint, the neighbors allege that throughout the project’s testing period and immediately after it began operation last November, they noticed the following “intrusions” on their properties and homes:

• Frequent, “highly disturbing” noise from the turbines.

• Vibrations or a pulsing sensation as the blades pass by the pedestal.

• A flicker/strobe effect inside their homes when sunlight passes through the blades.

• Glare when sunlight shines on the turbines.

• Numerous flashing red lights reflecting off the rotating blades that “overwhelm the night sky” and are visible inside their homes.

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