Report of Tara Gas Field Health Survey Released

The detailed field survey by Brisbane based GP Dr Geralyn McCarron at the Tara gas field makes for very disturbing reading. The way rural residents impacted by operating wind turbines are treated by some local medical practitioners and health department officials is identical.

Dr McCarron documents the impact the low frequency noise is having on the neighbours to the gas plant operations on page 26, where she states the following:

“Sleep disturbance was endemic within the families surveyed. Many people related this directly to the noise associated with CSG activities: trucks moving, reversing, beeping, the noise and vibration from drilling, fracking and seismic testing. Some people were very clear that their sleep was disturbed by noise and vibration from the compressor station, at distances up to 15km away. Many other people’s sleep was disturbed by the constant strain of living with, and dealing with, the impact of CSG on their daily lives. Many expressed helplessness and hopelessness in the face of their children’s ill health and their inability to help and protect them. Some had the capacity to move away and did. Most found themselves trapped.”

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