VESTAS Launches ACT on FACTS Campaign

Source: Einpresswire

Vestas this week launches the first phase of a cutting-edge global campaign to separate myths from facts and to channel public support toward political action favouring wind energy. The campaign embodies a unique approach to dealing with significant business challenges, integrating multiple marketing, communications, and public affairs channels and platforms.

Starting in Australia, a hot-bed of anti-wind activity, the Act on Facts launch event at the University of Melbourne features a live panel discussion about the tactics used by anti-wind energy activist groups and what the wind industry can do to counter the wild claims and convert the quiet majority of wind energy supporters* into active campaigners.

Together with leading wind energy players such as Infigen Energy Managing Director Miles George and a panel of experts on climate, health and regional development, Vestas Group Senior Vice President Morten Albæk will unveil the Act on Facts campaign, including the web portal The portal features well-documented, fact-based information to help dispel the scare campaigns peddled by anti-wind activists as well as up-to-date information on pro-wind initiatives in which local citizens can engage.

According to Infigen Energy Managing Director Miles George, “This campaign is a crucial part of the industry’s efforts to take back the initiative from the anti-wind movement and share some facts with the Australian people. Wind energy projects that could save up to five million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year are being stalled by scare campaigns and misinformation.

Vestas Group Senior Vice President Morten Albæk adds, “It is important to distinguish between genuine local concerns and the increasingly professional anti-wind activists whose strategy seems designed to confuse and inflame the debate. “Act on Facts” is a bold stroke to counter that strategy. Veering off the well-trodden public relations path entails risks. But playing it safe is even riskier.” (* According to Essential Research (,76 per cent support building wind farms in Australia to produce renewable energy and 11 per cent oppose. Support was over 70% across all demographic groups.)

The Act on Facts launch event takes place:   Tuesday, June 18, 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM (EST) University of Melbourne Theatre One Business and Economics Building 111 Barry St, Carlton VIC 3053

The program includes:

Keynote speaker: Morten Albæk – Group Senior Vice-President, Vestas Wind Systems

Moderator/Chair: Kane Thornton – Deputy Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council

Speakers: Simon Chapman – Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney Miles George – Managing Director, Infigen Energy Simon Holmes à Court – Chairman, Embark Australia Fiona Armstrong – Convenor, Climate and Health Alliance Frank Brennan – Former CEO, Wattle Range Shire Council, South Australia