Wind Turbine Noise 2013 International Conference, Denver

The Conference is organised by INCE/Europe in co-operation with the Institute of Noise Control Engineering–USA, whose NoiseCon 2013 conference will be held in the same venue on 26-28 August. The program includes the following:

Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound: Measurements

  • Infrasound measurement, interpretation and misinterpretation — Bruce Walker, USA
  • Measuring and analyzing wind turbine infrasound and audible immissions at a site experiencing adverse community response — George Hessler, USA
  • The measurement of infrasound and low frequency noise for wind farms — Steven Cooper, Australia

Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound: Effects

  • Infrasound and the ear — Geoff Leventhall, UK
  • A proposed theory to explain some adverse physiological effects of the infrasonic emissions at some wind farm sites — Paul D. Schomer et al, USA
  • Perception of low frequency components contained in wind turbine noise — Sakae Yokoyama, Shinichi Sakamoto and Hideki Tachibana, Japan

Amplitude Modulation

  • Amplitude modulation and complaints about wind turbine noise — Joachim Gabriel et al, Germany
  • Audible amplitude modulation – results of field measurements and investigations compared to psycho-acoustical assessment and theoretical research — Mike Stigwood, Sarah Large and Duncan Stigwood, UK
  • Amplitude modulation noise analysis and first look at off-shore wind turbine aeroacoustics simulation study — Sidney Xue et al, China
  • Thump noise prediction — Rufin Makarewicz, Poland
  • Application of phased array techniques for amplitude modulation mitigation — Steven Buck, Scott Palo and Patrick Moriarty, USA

Transducers Instrumentation

  • Evaluation of secondary windshield designs for outdoor measurement of low frequency noise and infrasound — Kristy Hansen, Branko Zajamek and Colin Hansen, Australia
  • Improvement of regression analysis on wind noise effects for low frequency sound measuring in natural wind — Noboru Kamiakito et al, Japan
  • How frequency response influences measurement and audibility of periodic wind turbine sound Werner Richarz, USA and Harrison Richarz, UK Wind turbine noise measurements in practice — Carsten Thomsen and Simon Møller Nielsen, Denmark
  • Highly distributed data acquisition on wind turbines with PAK — Dejan Arsic and John Huff, Germany

Aerodynamic Noise Generation and Control

  • Review of NACA 0012 turbulent trailing edge noise data at zero angle of attack — Con Doolan and Danielle Moreau, Australia
  • Wind turbine noise modelling based on Amiet’s Theory — Y. Tian, B. Cotté and A. Chaigne, France
  • Broadband noise prediction of small horizontal wind turbine rotor — Bavuudorj Ovgor and Seungbae Lee, Republic of Korea
  • Hybrid methods for noise prediction in aeroacoustic simulations of small vertical axis wind turbines — Johannes Weber et al, Germany and Austria
  • Wake patterns and noise in a dual rotor wind turbine K. Asfar and A. Mahasneh, Jordan
  • The effect on noise emission from wind turbine due to ice accretion on rotor blades — Peter Arbinge and Paul Appelqvist, Sweden
  • Noise prediction of wind turbine and low noise blade design — Kentaro Hayashi et al, Japan
  • Aeroacoustic noise mitigation investigation for wind turbine blades — Michael Asheim, Patrick Moriarty and David Munoz, USA

Structure-Borne Noise/Vibration

  • Noise from one stage of helical gears by wind turbine load — Chan Il Park, Republic of Korea
  • A validated virtual prototyping approach for avoiding wind turbine tonality — Goris Sonja et al, Belgium and Germany
  • Suppression of the structure-borne sound from a wind turbine generator using active vibration control devices: model experiment — Tetsuya Miyazaki et al, Japan

Source Identification

  • Noise source localization on a 8kW wind turbine using a compact microphone array with advanced beamforming algorithm — Rakesh Chandran Ramachandran et al, USA
  • Acoustic array design for wind turbine noise measurements — Steven Buck et al, USA
  • Identification of wind turbine noise through signal analysis — Michael Medal et al, Canada

Effects of Wind Turbine Noise on Individuals

  • Audit report: Literature reviews on wind turbine noise and health — Brett Horner, Carmen Krogh and Roy Jeffrey, Canada
  • Wind turbine noise: What has the science told us? — Loren D. Knopper et al, Canada
  • Perception change of soundscape as wind turbine alters community sound profile — William K.G. Palmer, Canada
  • Trading off human health: Wind turbine noise and government policy — Carmen Krogh et al, Canada
  • Wind turbine facilities’ perception: a case study from Canada — Peter N. Cole and Carmen Krogh, Canada
  • Correlation between people perception of noise from large wind turbines and measured noise levels — Federica Andreucci et al, Italy
  • Masking of sage-grouse display calls by noise from wind turbines — Scott Noel, USA

Sound Immission Measurements

  • Noise’s measure inside homes generated by the functioning of wind farm in southern Italy — Amelia Trematerra and Gino Iannace, Italy
  • Hiding wind farm noise in ambient measurements – noise floor, wind direction and frequency limitations — Steven Cooper, Australia
  • Tonality assessment at a residence near a wind farm — Jonathan Cooper, Tom Evans and Dick Petersen, Australia
  • Evaluation of wind turbine-related noise in western New York State — Martin T. Schiff et al, USA
  • The variability factor in wind turbine noise — Jim Cummings, USA
  • Annoyance from wind turbine noise – what can we learn from different assessment methods? — Sabine von Hünerbein, UK
  • Simultaneous indoor low-frequency noise, annoyance and direction of arrival monitoring — Branko Zajamsek et al, Australia
  • Generating a better picture of noise immissions in post construction monitoring using statistical analysis — Payam Ashtiani, Canada
  • Wind farm noise commissioning methods: A review of methods based on measuring at receiver locations — Christophe Delaire et al, Australia
  • Assessment of wind turbine noise in immission areas — Hideki Tachibana, Hiroo Yano and Akinori Fukushima, Japan

Sound Emission Measurements

  • Wind turbine noise measurements – how are results influenced by different methods of deriving wind speed? — Sylvia Broneske, UK
  • RoBin: Meeting the requirements of the IEC 61400-11 standard for measuring the acoustic emission of wind turbines with a one-man operated system — D. Vaucher De La Croix, France and T. Klaas, Germany
  • Tonality in wind turbine noise. IEC 61400-11 ver. 2.1 and 3.0 and the Danish/Joint Nordic method compared with listening tests — Lars Sommer Søndergaard and Torben Holm Pedersen, Denmark
  • The production of a good practice guide to assess wind turbine noise in the United Kingdom using ETSU-R-97 — Richard Perkins et al, UK

Propagation Wind Effects Modeling

  • Sound propagation from wind turbines under various weather conditions — Olof Öhlund and Conny Larsson, Sweden
  • Proposed method for characterizing wind turbine noise and their dependence on meteorological effects for validation of existing studies — David S. Woolworth, Roger Waxler and Jeremy Webster, USA
  • Wind farm layout optimization in noise constrained areas — Andrew Brunskill, Canada
  • Validation of WindPRO implementation of Nord2000 for low frequency wind turbine noise — Lars Sommer Søndergaard and Thomas Sørensen, Denmark
  • Environmental noise assessment of proposed wind farms using annual average Ldn — Mark Bliss, Canada
  • Accuracy of noise predictions for wind farms Jonathan Cooper and Tom Evans, Australia
  • Large-scale calculation of possible locations for specific wind turbines under consideration of noise limits — Fabian Probst, Wolfgang Probst and Bernd Huber, Germany
  • The new good-practice-guide to help assessment of wind turbine noise in Finland — Denis Siponen et al, Finland
  • Physics based spatial acoustics in virtual scenes with application to wind farm noise — Kevin Nelson and Steven G. Mattson, USA

Regulations & Policies

  • Which limits for wind turbine noise? A comparison with other types of sources using a common metric — Gaetano Licitra and Luca Fredianelli, Italy
  • International legislation and regulations for wind turbine noise — Kevin Fowler, USA, Erik Koppen, The Netherlands and Kyle Matthis, USA
  • New environmental regulation for wind turbines in Flanders (Belgium) — Arjan Goemé, Belgium
  • Danish regulation of low frequency noise from wind turbines — Jørgen Jakobsen and Jesper Mogensen, Denmark
  • Low frequency noise from wind turbines: Do the Danish regulations have any impact?
  • — Bo Søndergaard, Denmark
  • Low frequency noise proposed wind farm in Maastricht, The Netherlands — Erik Koppen, The Netherlands
  • How does noise influence the design of a wind farm? — Matthew Cassidy, Alden D’Souza and Jeremy Bass, UK
  • Wind power development trends in Denmark: Targets, legislation and social acceptance — Karina Lindvig, Denmark
  • Projected contributions of future wind farm development to community noise and annoyance levels in Ontario, Canada — Melissa L. Whitfield Aslund, Christopher A. Ollson and Loren D. Knopper, Canada
  • State of wind turbine developments in northeastern USA – 2013 — James D. Barnes, Marc S. Newmark and Bill Yoder, USA
  • Recent developments in wind farm noise in Australia — Chris Turnbull and Jason Turner, Australia