Another Wind Turbine Host Speaks Out About Wind Turbine Syndrome Symptoms

Below is an anguished letter from another wind turbine host, in the USA, whose family is also adversely impacted by wind turbine noise. Wind turbine hosts have also been consistently lied to by wind turbine developers about the KNOWN adverse health effects, which are sometimes given the name of “annoyance”. This label hides the severity and range of symptoms experienced.

I signed a wind turbine lease in 2008. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have signed.

Since the turbines went up I have had frequent headaches lasting three days. I never had these before. My mother has ringing in her ears and headaches. I have spoken to others in the community who have been affected by the turbines. One has dizzy spells. Another does not feel healthy until she leaves McBain. They are now planning on moving, but have been told by realtors that they will have trouble selling their home because of the turbines.

Because it takes so long for the entire wind farm to become operational, the signs of how the turbines worsen health and quality of life take a long time to be noticed. One person I talked with thought her dizziness was “just getting older,” but this person is young.

Why hasn’t anyone spoken out before? People are afraid of being shunned. They don’t want anyone to know they are having problems.

Is money more important than health? Is this what we gave away for $10,000 a turbine and monthly payments, with leases that will never end? We gave up our beautiful community, we are giving up our health, our electric bills have risen, and there doesn’t seem to be anyway out except leaving.

The wind companies have talked to people in McBain and I believe they know there are problems with noise and with health. Why don’t they take action? Why didn’t they tell us about the health problems before we signed leases?

I now believe that the only safe place for turbines is at least a mile and a half from anyone’s home.

Dianne M. Ziegler


19th June, 2014