Dr Hazel Lynn critical of Health Canada Study for Excluding People Who Abandoned Their Homes

Source: Janice MacKay, Blackburn News, November 10, 2014

The Chief Medical Officer of Health for Grey-Bruce has concerns about the Health Canada wind turbine study.

Dr. Hazel Lynn says, for one thing, the study did not include people who moved away from wind turbines.

She says, “when you look at some of the surveys that have the most specific information it’s the people who are so distressed they have to move away that actually are the most sensitive to these things. So to exclude them from a study doesn’t really make sense to me

Lynn says a more conclusive study would look at the health of a population in an area where turbines are planned, before the wind farm goes into operation, and after the turbines start to turn.
Lynn says like tobacco, it may take many years to prove turbines cause illness.
Dr Hazel Lynn says it also studied people who lived at 600 or more metres from turbinbes, when the turbine setback in Ontario is 500 metres.
The Health Canada study did not link turbines to health problems, but also said that the results don’t permit causality conclusions.