Dr Robert McMurtry’s statement re Health Canada Study “Health Canada Has Fallen”

Dr Robert McMurtry is a distinguished Canadian Medical Practitioner.

On the heels of a media release by the North American Platform Against Wind Power, and on receipt of a sound exploratory synopsis (Denise Wolfe) of gaps and errors in methodology and design in the study/summary of Wind Turbine Noise and Health provided by Health Canada, Dr. Robert McMurtry offers the following statement:

“I have just had the opportunity to review the Denise Wolfe document, and appreciate its obvious quality, reinforced by knowing something of her background. The paper is a powerful statement that casts serious doubt on the recent HEalth Canada and CAnWEA preliminary announcement, the background paper, and related media statements. I am deeply saddened that the Ministry whom I was so proud to work for, appears to have fallen.”

“In addition, ongoing efforts will be made with our international network to evaluate all elements of the Health Canada conduct and management of this research. Focus will be on their claims about adverse health events’ prevalence and incidence. These health effects have been reported globally (peer review publications), by the public and media in the environs of industrial installations of wind turbines.

Most are found near rural communities and their homes, schools and places of business. Frequent reports are anticipated several times a week given the depth and breadth of background information found to date.” “This is a process committed to leave no stone unturned in uncovering the whole truth surrounding the issue of health impacts from industrial rural energy projects of wind turbines.”


First Cameron Visiting Chair, Health Canada 1999-2000

Founding Assistant Deputy Minister Population and Public Health, Health Canada,

2000-2002 – initial 15 months acting ADM

Founding Chair of Society for Wind Vigilance 2010-2012

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