UK School Head Raises Concerns Over Proximity Of Wind Turbine

Credit:  Staff reporter | Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer | 17 June 2014 | ~~

A headteacher has written to parents alerting them to a wind turbine proposed for a site less than two miles from the school.
Lakelands Academy headteacher Ian Sanders wrote to parents to raise awareness of the 99.7-metre turbine application for land off Ellesmere Road near Tetchill.
He wrote that the application is “a concerning planning development which is being proposed very close to the site of the academy.
“Quite apart from the aesthetic impact on the countryside, there has been concern raised by communities, in areas where such turbines have been sited, over the potential health issues associated with the subsonic sound that turbines of this magnitude generate. On a practical note, the generation of subsonic sound may also disturb the concentration of students in lessons and during public examinations,” he added.
Applicant Angela Williams, who runs agricultural business Seven Sisters along with her husband, Robert, said she does not believe the turbine will have adverse effects on health.
She said: “In terms of health implications I haven’t heard anything about turbines to suggest that it will be detrimental to health.
“It is a very quiet machine and the manufacturers have done a lot of research into the aesthetic and other effects of the turbine,” she added.
Nicol Perryman, from Intech Clean Energy UK added: “I believe the school is around 1.2km away from the site. When we were looking at the site of the turbine we looked at impacts to do with health and noise and shadow flicker were taken into account.
“The school is well outside the affected area. There can be impacts if people live close to turbines but all properties are outside that area of impact.”

Source:  Staff reporter | Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer | 17 June 2014 |