Waubra Foundation Fundraising Initiative 2015


Dear Waubra Foundation Supporters,

It is now over five years since the Waubra Foundation was established.

We now need your financial help, in order to continue our important work.

Our work so far has included:

Information and support for residents, and facilitation of industry-independent acoustic investigation and full spectrum acoustic measurements, at a variety of industrial noise polluting industrial developments, particularly in rural areas.

Collaboration with international scientists, acoustics and health professionals, and noise impacted residents. This growing multidisciplinary global collaboration has greatly helped share insights into the known and likely causes and patterns of reported ill health from pulsing infrasound, low frequency noise (ILFN) and vibration.

Providing seed funding to assist with the basic measurement of the full spectrum of sound and vibration acoustic frequencies.

Sharing new insights, research findings and “rediscovered” research (eg the Kelley/NASA body of research from the 1980’s which established direct causation of symptoms and sensations of “noise annoyance” from pulsing ILFN and vibration).

Ongoing development of our website library, which has been archived by the National Australian Library, as part of their online Pandora Project. This information is now used internationally.

Testimony to numerous parliamentary inquiries, arguing strongly for fundamental reform of the way noise pollution is assessed and regulated, in addition to strongly encouraging the long overdue, urgently required, multidisciplinary research. We are pleased that knowledge of the breadth and severity of the health problems from industrial sound and vibration is more widely known, in part due to our efforts.

Future Work

We need your help in order to continue to:

Assist those researchers and investigators who are developing new, innovative and affordable ways to measure the full sound spectrum and human physiological responses, with devices which may be portable, and which may enable the sound energy pulses to be visualized and perhaps even “heard”. This work is at an exciting stage, but requires financial resources urgently to assist with field trials.

Cover our modest overheads, including occasional additional expenses when the Foundation is targeted by vested interests that are threatened by our work.

All those involved with the work of the Foundation donate their time and expertise pro bono. The Foundation’s information is also shared free of any charge.

If you are in a position to enable the important work of the Foundation to continue, please donate generously to the Foundation, either on a regular basis, or as a response to this appeal.

Every donation, no matter how modest, is precious to us.

To donate, go to the following page on our website, where you will find instructions for internet transfer, PayPal details, or simply send a cheque to our PO Box shown on our letterhead. http://waubrafoundation.org.au/about/donate/

Thank you for helping us to continue to help others.

The CEO, Board, Administrator, and Patrons of the Foundation

Sarah Laurie, CEO
Bachelor Medicine, Bachelor Surgery (BMBS)
Flinders University, 1995
Former Fellow and Clinical Examiner, Royal Australian College General Practitioners
Former Fellow Australian College Remote and Rural Medicine
Former Member of South Australian AMA State Council

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