Waubra Foundation Welcomes NHMRC Research Funding

23 March 2016


Waubra Foundation Welcomes NHMRC Research Funding for Research into Sleep Disturbance from Wind Turbine Noise

Waubra Foundation welcomes the announcement that “the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has awarded two grants totalling $3.3 million to enrich the evidence-based understanding of the effects of wind farms on human health”.

CEO Sarah Laurie said: “A principal objective of the Waubra Foundation was to encourage formal, multidisciplinary, industry independent, scientific investigation into the adverse effects of industrial noise on neighbours”.

“It is now almost five years since the first Federal Senate Inquiry, chaired by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, recommended such research “as a priority” in June 2011, and the need for this research has substantially increased, with many more rural families severely impacted by wind turbine noise.”

Whilst the NHMRC funded research is specifically in the area of wind turbine noise, the Foundation CEO noted “that there is an urgent need for similar scientific investigation of other sources of industrial noise. The Foundation will continue to fund independent acoustic data collection and scientific research, and to offer support to residents living at a range of industrial noise sources.”

After achieving this significant milestone, Peter Mitchell, who established the Foundation, is now retiring as a Patron of the Foundation. He will remain an Honorary Life Member.

CEO Sarah Laurie 0474 050 463

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