Health Effects

This section contains a list of the symptoms most commonly reported by people exposed to operating wind turbines, and details the history of clinical and acoustic research done so far. A summary of current knowledge is provided, with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), a list of professionals who are speaking out, a list of future research priorities, and finally details of action taken by authorities.

Summary of Current Knowledge

The section below gives a broad summary of the current clinical and acoustical knowledge of how acoustic energy can affect health and how it is measured. For a detailed recent summary of current knowledge with respect … visit this page »

List of Symptoms

This section gives a detailed framework to assist with understanding the range and the pattern of symptoms being described by residents, workers and visitors. People are affected by infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) and vibration … visit this page »

History of Research

There is a long history of acoustic and clinical research into the adverse health effects of noise on health (and sleep), including audible noise, infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration. This has informed documents such as … visit this page »

Research Questions

We believe the following 8 research questions are the immediate priority: What is the maximum distance over which the adverse health effects (especially sleep disturbance) are being reported and perceived by the residents, from the different … visit this page »

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health problems? Chronic severe sleep disturbance is the most commonly reported health problem. This is caused by: The audible noise keeping people awake, and Repetitive waking in a panicked state for no obvious reason … visit this page »

Professionals Advocating Independent Research

The following professionals have publicly supported the need for proper independent research to investigate the reported effects of operating wind turbines, reported physical and mental health problems in correspondence concerning their patients which is in the … visit this page »

Action by Responsible Authorities

This section details just some of the action taken by various responsible authorities from around the world, in relation to the problems caused by industrial low frequency noise. Please contact us if you have other examples … visit this page »