For Acousticians & Noise Regulators

This section provides useful information for acousticians and noise pollution regulators. Some is recent, some historical and there is a focus on the effects of wind turbine noise and some other sources of environmental noise on health, particularly in quiet rural environments.

If you’d like to hear the resident’s stories first hand, please watch the Resident Impact Videos. There is other useful material in our Resources section.

Acoustic Field Surveys

Relevant information from field studies/surveys is in three distinct groups. The aim of the acoustic surveys is to find out what dose of sound energy in the different frequencies people are exposed to, and over what … visit this page »

Literature Reviews

This section contains only those literature reviews and government or World Health Organisation (WHO) reports which we judge are relatively free of conflicts of interest and bias, rather than those which we consider have undue ideological, … visit this page »

Reports & Critiques

This section contains material including government funded reports, wind industry funded research and some academic research, which we consider to be compromised, either ideologically, politically or financially, or to be so incomplete or misleading that the … visit this page »

Journal Articles & Technical Notes

This section includes links to key material in the Resources section, including major empirical research reports, journal articles and technical notes by acousticians, psychoacousticians and other researchers, relevant to the topic of accurate measurement of the … visit this page »

Conference Papers & Presentations

This section includes links to a selection of important material in the Resources section from presentations and papers delivered by acousticians, psychoacousticians and other researchers. They are relevant to the topic of accurate measurement of the … visit this page »

Inquiry Testimony

This section includes links to material in the resources section to evidence given to parliamentary and other inquiries by acousticians, psychoacousticians and researchers. This section is under development, and we welcome suggestions for additional information. Submissions … visit this page »

Court Testimony

This section will include links to court statements, testimony and other documents containing evidence given by acousticians as part of court and tribunal hearings, which may be of use and interest to others. This section is … visit this page »

Noise Compliance Solutions

With the growing push for full spectrum acoustic monitoring, and advances in technology enabling real time transmission of full spectrum acoustic data via the internet, there are a number of possibilities for improving the measurement of … visit this page »