For Health Practitioners & Researchers

This section will help you access information to better understand the problems residents are presenting with, and what we already know about the impacts of sound and vibration energy on human health.

If you’d like to hear the resident’s stories first hand, please view the Resident Impact Videos. There is other useful material in the Resources section. You can use the Topics menu in the sidebar to find relevant articles.

Symptoms – Clinical Framework

The following list of symptoms is not exhaustive, but gives a framework for understanding the pathology being reported. This then makes it easier to understand why the particular symptoms are being reported, and why they progress … visit this page »

Is it the Turbines?

This summary helps you better understand whether or not it is the turbines that are making people sick. People are affected differently Some people develop new symptoms and others find that pre-existing medical conditions which have … visit this page »

Personal Health Journals

Increasingly residents living near industrial noise sources are finding it beneficial to keep detailed personal health journals. It helps them to better understand the evolving pattern of their symptoms and better identify whether the noise is … visit this page »

Vulnerable Groups

Numerous population subgroups have been identified as vulnerable to the effects of exposure to excessive audible noise, as well as infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN). Summary of vulnerable groups People with pre-existing: inner ear pathology … visit this page »

Rare But Serious Pathology

There are a range of serious but unusual pathologies being reported in residents living near wind developments, some of which have also been reported in residents living near mining ILFN. Adrenaline related pathology These include adrenaline surge … visit this page »

Health Assessment Checklist

Suggestions for Pre- & Post-Construction Health Assessments Residents from around the world have requested this information, because they report that so little is known by their treating doctors about the problems. Carmen Krogh, co-founder of the … visit this page »


Unfortunately, the only “treatment” which consistently works is to either remove the source of the noise, or remove the affected person away from the noise and any other source of health damaging doses of infrasound and … visit this page »

Patient Support Networks

Nationally and internationally, informal and more formal support networks are being established amongst those who are affected. If your patient is unable to locate those networks for themselves, please contact us and we will do our … visit this page »

Letters / Testimony

There are a growing number of health practitioners internationally who are speaking out about their concerns. Below is a list of some of them. Also included are some of the acousticians and other researchers. To access … visit this page »

Health & Research Networks

Below are lists of trained health professionals and researchers from different fields and specialties. These professionals are: working professionally in a clinical capacity, or involved in research, or have an interest or relevant expertise in this … visit this page »