Rare But Serious Pathology

There are a range of serious but unusual pathologies being reported in residents living near wind developments, some of which have also been reported in residents living near mining ILFN.

Adrenaline related pathology

These include adrenaline surge related pathology such as:

  • acute hypertensive crises
  • tako tsubo heart attacks

The usual underlying causes for these incidents have been excluded with subsequent history, examination and investigations. Some people describe feeling a thump in their chest before developing marked symptoms of sympathetic arousal.

Other observations by residents or physicians

Other residents or physicians especially from Ontario and Germany are privately reporting clusters of pathology such as:

  • a noticeable increase in diagnoses of unusual cancers
  • increased incidence of thyroid problems
  • heart valvular problems (thickening) in relatively young couples who have been chronically exposed for more than 10 years to small operating wind turbines

Please note that no formal data collection has yet commenced to further investigate these observations.