Patient Support Networks

Nationally and internationally, informal and more formal support networks are being established amongst those who are affected.

If your patient is unable to locate those networks for themselves, please contact us and we will do our best to help link them up with people in a similar situation who may be able to help them.

A starting point for help

You can also direct patients to the Sources of Help page in the Information for Residents section.

The following organisations and individuals offer useful practical advice, information, contacts and support in Australia who have direct personal knowledge of the impact of noise pollution:


Gary is physically based in South Australia, is familiar with the research literature, the regulatory process and its failings, and has a background in medical research. He has a detailed understanding from personal experience of how low frequency noise can affect health and well being.

Contact Gary – Phone: (08) 8358 4320 | Mobile: 0438 840 002 | Email: [email protected]


Lance is a survivor of infrasound and low frequency noise exposure from coal mining in the Upper Hunter region in New South Wales, Australia. Lance is happy to help people wherever he can.

Contact Lance – Email: [email protected]


Greg is living with low frequency noise from a gas fired power station at Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia. Greg is happy to help share information with people.

Contact Greg – Email: [email protected]