Health & Research Networks

Below are lists of trained health professionals and researchers from different fields and specialties.

These professionals are:

  • working professionally in a clinical capacity, or
  • involved in research, or
  • have an interest or relevant expertise in this area, or
  • have personal experience of living with industrial wind turbines or other sources of infrasound and low frequency noise.

Some professionals may have retired from practicing clinically in that field but they are still knowledgeable, and their relevant experience and knowledge is valued. Professionals who have made a significant contribution in this field who have died will also be listed, to facilitate access to their work on our website.

The list has been compiled to facilitate direct international professional networking and information sharing, and to help people locate specialists in particular fields, as well as facilitate access to their work and professional opinions. If professionals would like to connect with each other and are having difficulty doing so, please contact us.

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Would you like to be added to the list?

Please contact us if you are a health professional and would like to be added to this list. It will be regularly updated.


  • Mr Jerry Punch, USA

Nursing Colleagues & Researchers

  • Mrs Jane Davis, UK (restricted from speaking publicly about some matters)
  • Ms Linda J Rodgers, Ontario, Canada
  • Mrs Sandy Rogers, Glenthompson, Australia
  • Mrs Norma Schmidt, Ontario, Canada

Pharmacists & Researchers

  • Ms Carmen Krogh, Ontario, Canada
  • Mr George Papadopolous, NSW, Australia

Psychologists & Researchers in the disciplines of Psychology

  • Professor Arline Bronzaft, New York, USA (research into adverse effects of noise on children particularly)
  • Dr Daniel Shepherd, New Zealand (research into the effects of wind turbines & wind turbine noise)
  • Dr Helen Parker, USA
  • Mr Peter Trask, Bendigo, Australia (provides psychological care to Victorian residents)
  • Mr Geoffrey Waite, Australia (retired psychologist)

Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners, unless their discipline has its own category listed below

  • Dr Herb Coussos, USA
  • Dr Gary Hopkins, Australia
  • Dr David Lawrence, USA
  • Dr Robert McMurtry, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Michael Nissenbaum, Maine, USA
  • Dr Henning Theorell, Sweden
  • Dr James Weir, Scotland

General Practitioners / Family Physicians

  • Dr Angela Armgstrong, Wigtown, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Dr Micheal Cooke, Ireland
  • Dr Amanda Harry, Cornwall, UK
  • Dr David Iser, Toora, Victoria, Australia
  • Dr Roy Jeffrey, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Pamela Kenny, United Kingdom
  • Dr Lu Lombardi, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Andja Mitric-Andjic, Ballarat, Australia
  • Dr Sarah Myhill, Wales, UK
  • Dr Sandy Reider, Vermont, USA
  • Dr Scott Taylor, Ballarat, Australia
  • Dr Jay Tibbetts, Brown County, Wisconsin, USA
  • Dr Alan Watts, Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia

Sleep Specialists & Sleep Researchers

  • Dr Chris Hanning, UK (retired from clinical practice, but involved with research)
  • Dr Wayne Spring, Ballarat Australia (clinical practice)

Ear Nose & Throat Specialists, Academics, Researchers

  • Dr Linda Benier, Quebec, Canada
  • Dr Owen Black, neuro otologist, USA (deceased)
  • Mr R Crunkhorne, UK
  • Dr Hakan Enbom, Sweden (neuro otologist)
  • Dr Inge Enbom, Sweden
  • Mr Amir Farboud, Wales, UK
  • Dr Steven Rauch, Neuro otologist, Professor at Harvard University, Director of the Massachussets Eye and Ear “Clinical Balance and Vestibular Centre”, USA
  • Mr A Trinidade, UK

Occupational Physicians

  • Dr Mauri Johansson, Denmark
  • Dr Noel Kerin, Ontario, Canada


  • Dr Nina Pierpont, USA
  • Dr Patrick Rahilly, Australia


  • Dr John Cowls, USA
  • Dr William Hallstein, Falmouth, USA

Oral Surgeons (combined Dental & Medical qualifications)

  • Dr Ekhard Kuck, Germany


  • Professor Jeffrey Aramini, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Alun Evans, Ireland
  • Professor Carl Phillips, USA

Public Health Physicians

  • Dr Ian Arra, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Colette Bonner, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Ireland
  • Dr Hazel Lynn, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Sarah Taylor, Shetland Islands, UK


  • Dr Nuno Castelo Branco, Portugal
  • Dr Max Whisson, Perth, Australia (retired)


  • Professor Alec Salt, USA
  • Assistant Professor Jeffery Lichtenhan, USA

Medical Sociologist

  • Dr Eja Pedersen, Sweden
  • Professor Libby Wheatley, USA