Unfortunately, the only “treatment” which consistently works is to either remove the source of the noise, or remove the affected person away from the noise and any other source of health damaging doses of infrasound and low frequency noise.

British acoustician Professor Geoffrey Leventhall acknowledged this in his 2003 literature review, where on page he states:

“There is no doubt that some humans exposed to infrasound experience abnormal ear, CNS, and resonance induced symptoms that are real and stressful. If this is not recognised by investigators or their treating physicians, and properly addressed with understanding and sympathy, a psychological reaction will follow and the patient’’s problems will be compounded. Most subjects may be reassured that there will be no serious consequences to their health from infrasound exposure and if further exposure is avoided they may expect to become symptom free.”

Avoiding further exposure

How do residents avoid further exposure, if the noise source is a large industrial wind turbine, diesel machines or large fans used in mines, a field compressor used in CSG, or a gas fired power station?

Unfortunately for all too many residents, the cumulative exposure has resulted in ongoing symptoms and in some cases permanent damage to their health and well being which does not return to baseline after removing themselves from the source of the sound energy which resulted in their symptoms.

Other possible treatments

There is one animal study (#58 by Dadali et al in the NIEHS literature review on the toxicology of infrasound) which showed that oxidative stress mechanisms can play a role in chronic exposure to infrasound. Rats given antioxidants in that study did not show the same organ damage which the control group displayed. So there may be a role for antioxidants.

Minimising stress, and maximising periods of time away from home in order to obtain restorative sleep has also helped some residents.