For Lawyers

This section is to assist busy lawyers to quickly access information about some of the relevant health and acoustics research, testimony and legal cases relating to noise including wind turbine noise and its negative effects on people’s health, wellbeing and amenity.

If you’d like to hear the resident’s stories first hand, please watch the Resident Impact Videos. There is other useful material in our Resources section as well as in the Information for Health Practitioners and Acousticians.

Categories of Litigation

There are multiple broad categories of litigation which have been used by residents in different jurisdictions nationally and internationally, or are being seriously contemplated. Some examples follow. Planning appeals against project approvals There have been numerous … visit this page »

Resident Testimony

Numerous residents have given evidence in court proceedings, and in parliamentary inquiries about the problems they have suffered living next to wind turbines. Some examples of their testimony are below. We welcome all contributions. View all … visit this page »

Health Resources & Testimony

This section contains a variety of information about the known health effects of noise, and the consequences of exposure to environmental noise. It also includes access to the work of some of the health practitioners and … visit this page »

Acoustic Resources & Testimony

This section contains information about some of the acousticians and researchers who have provided expert evidence, testimony or opinions in either formal court proceedings, planning tribunals, senate inquiries or other official proceedings, with links to some … visit this page »

Legal Cases

This section contains links to and key extracts from some of the judgments and planning decisions or orders relating to actual or anticipated damage to health from noise pollution, annoyance and loss of amenity, from sources … visit this page »