Health Resources & Testimony

This section contains a variety of information about the known health effects of noise, and the consequences of exposure to environmental noise. It also includes access to the work of some of the health practitioners and researchers who have provided expert evidence, testimony or opinions in either formal court proceedings, planning tribunals, senate inquiries or other official proceedings, with links to statements or research and further information available tagged with their name in the Resources section.

The authors are listed alphabetically in each subsection. The list is not exhaustive, but should give lawyers unfamiliar with the issues plenty of background information. Additional resources are listed at the end, downloadable from the Resources section.

We welcome contributions of new and old material.

Read the general summary

For a relatively up to date, general summary of the existing knowledge with direct links to the relevant literature, please read the Waubra Foundation CEO’s statement of evidence in the Cherry Tree case in Victoria, Australia. This statement does not include information after February / March 2013, including the discovery of the US research from the 1980s by Neil Kelley and co-researchers. Given its importance, the links to that US research are also included below.

Useful government or World Health Organisation (WHO) Reports (by date)

US Research from 1980s (acoustic impact research)

Effect of wind turbine noise on residents in rural communities

Epidemiological evidence

Effect of Noise on Children’s health, wellbeing and Learning

Effect of noise on Sleep

Effect of noise including wind turbine noise on sleep, mental health and quality of life

Physiology of the Inner ear and its response to infrasound and low frequency noise

Critiques of the Nocebo “research” by Chapman & Crichton