Resident Testimony

Numerous residents have given evidence in court proceedings, and in parliamentary inquiries about the problems they have suffered living next to wind turbines. Some examples of their testimony are below. We welcome all contributions.

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Resident testimonies are listed below in relevant sections. Alternatively, the full list of testimonies can be viewed using the ‘Resident Testimony’ tag in our Resources section.

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Court statements and affidavits

Australian Residents

Trish Godfrey – former resident of Waubra, bought out by the wind developer Acciona, but unable to speak freely of her health problems (confidentiality agreement) – media report of her evidence given in the Paltridge case in South Australia in 2011

David Mortimer – wind turbine host – evidence given in the Cherry Tree case in Victoria, Australia in 2013

International Residents

Mr Davi Brierly – resident living within 1km of the Powergen Renewables wind project – statement of evidence of the effect on his family’s health from the wind turbines, UK, 2009

Senate or Parliamentary inquiry resident testimony

Australian Residents

The first Australian Federal Senate inquiry into the Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms heard evidence from many affected residents, including at a hearing in Ballarat on 27th March, 2011. The same senate inquiry, and the subsequent Excessive Noise Federal Senate inquiry in November, 2012 received many submissions from affected residents.

A selection of their submissions are below (surnames in alphabetical order):

International Residents submitting to Australian inquiries