For Residents

Are you a resident affected by wind turbines or another source of environmental noise or vibration? Perhaps you’ve experienced new symptoms since they’ve been sited near your home or workplace. Or maybe turbines or other noise polluting developments are being proposed near you and you want all the information you can obtain before they go ahead.

Either way, this section contains a list of information and links to help you understand this issue. What’s more, Resident Stories can be viewed in our Resources and you can also view our introductory videoResident Impact Videos or visit our YouTube channel.


This is a simple explanation of the symptoms being reported by residents living near sources of intrusive environmental noise. Please note that these symptoms are often referred to as “annoyance” but health practitioners experienced at diagnosing illnesses … visit this page »

Is it the Turbines?

Like many people, you’re probably wondering if it’s the turbines that make people sick. Here are some details to help you understand this better. People are affected differently Some people develop new symptoms and others find … visit this page »

Personal Health Journals

If you’re concerned that the wind turbines, mining, field compressors or other sources of industrial or environmental noise (with infrasound, low frequency noise and/or vibration frequencies) may be having an effect on you or your family’s … visit this page »

What Can I Do?

Many people describe feeling overwhelmed as well as being exhausted and increasingly unwell, before they realise that they are being adversely impacted by the sound and vibration energy. If you’re concerned that the wind turbines, mining, … visit this page »

Sources of Help

A lot of credible, easily accessible information is available about the symptoms related to exposure to infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN). We believe knowledge will empower you to take action, and listed below are some … visit this page »