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We hope you have found the material on this website useful and informative. Please contact us if you have additional information which you think could help others.

I am a resident or worker

If you have just found out about a proposed noise polluting development near you it can be a very stressful time. Being well informed can help empower you. If you wish to link up with local support networks to help alleviate isolation please contact us and we can provide you with the local contacts near where you live if you cannot locate them yourself.

I am a time poor rural health practitioner

Please listen carefully to what your patients are telling you is happening to them, as they are the experts and people are affected differently, even living in the same home. This will help their isolation – a well informed health practitioner can make a positive difference. Please take the time to read some of the peer reviewed published information now available in our Information for Health Practitioners & Researchers section.

The numbers of concerned practitioners are growing around the world, and it helps to share clinical insights with others. We are happy to introduce you to others in your specialty or regional area or country. Formal notification of the relevant responsible health, planning and noise pollution authorities of any clinical concerns, and a reminder of their statutory duty of care, will ultimately force the responsible government officials to take action.

I am a researcher

We hope this website encourages you to investigate in this area and we welcome your contact to share our knowledge and contacts with possible research participants and with other researchers.

I am an acoustician or noise pollution regulator

We hope the information in this website has helped you understand the reported health problems are real, serious, and cannot be ignored.

I am a lawyer or regulator

We hope this website will assist you to better protect the health of your clients and constituents, ultimately with better regulation and measurement of noise pollution.

I am a concerned citizen

If you wish to help please contact us or get in touch with local groups who are advocating for improved noise measurement and regulation of noise pollution.

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We rely solely on donations from concerned individuals, almost all of whom are rural residents, to help us continue serving the national and international community. If you’d like to help the Foundation continue our important work, please visit our donations page or download the donation form.

At present donations are not tax deductible.

Please contact us if we can be of any direct assistance.