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Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals Findings & Decision

Zoning Board…….FILE NUMBER: 62-15 APPLICANT: TOWN OF FALMOUTH SUBJECT PROPERTY: 154 Blacksmith Shop Road, West Falmouth Zoning District: Public Us DEED/CERTI FICATE: Certificate 81906 – Lots 12 & 16 – Plan 31976-D (sheets 1& 3) Assessor’s … Read On »

NAPAW Media Release: Shirley Wind “Heath Hazard” – Plympton-Wyoming By-Law Includes Noise Penalties

North American Platform Against Windpower MEDIA RELEASE October 16, 2014 BOOKEND HEALTH ISSUES TURBINES: Existing project in Glenmore WI (Brown County) formally declares its Duke’s “Shirley Wind” project a “health hazard”, and Mayor Lonny Napper and … Read On »

ERD Court, South Australia. Record of Outcome, Quinn v AGL & Council of Goyder

RECORD OF OUTCOME September 11, 2012 Hearing Type: Directions Hearing Outcome Type: Order Court of Origin: Environment Resources and Development Court Action Number: ERD-09-230 Between: William Laurence QUINN, Appellant AND REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOYDER, Respondent 1: … Read On »

Rogers, Linda Witness Statement, Environmental Review Tribunal, Ontario 2014

Witness Statement Prepared by: Linda J Rogers NP-PHC. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Haldimand County, Ontario Submitted: December 8, 2014 ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW TRIBUNAL: Case No. 14-096 Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., v. Director, Ministry of the … Read On »

Den Brook Judicial Review Group – Monitoring Amplitude Modulation, Proposed Wind Farm

Monitoring of Greater Than Expected Amplitude Modulation (GTE-AM) Spreyton Devon EX17 5AR May 26, 2015 RES UK and Ireland Ltd. FAO CEO Dr Ian Mays, Board of Directors & Ors Dear Sir/Madam,. Background We the Den … Read On »

Bulgana Wind Farm – Draft Planning Permit Conditions

Planning Permit Application 5.2014.76.1 Bulgana Wind Farm DRAFT PLANNING PERMIT CONDITIONS (Excerpt covering Noise) NOISE Performance requirement  The operation of the wind energy facility must comply with New Zealand Standard 6808:2010, Acoustics – Wind Farm Noise … Read On »