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Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals Findings & Decision

Zoning Board…….FILE NUMBER: 62-15 APPLICANT: TOWN OF FALMOUTH SUBJECT PROPERTY: 154 Blacksmith Shop Road, West Falmouth Zoning District: Public Us DEED/CERTI FICATE: Certificate 81906 – Lots 12 & 16 – Plan 31976-D (sheets 1& 3) Assessor’s … Read On »

NAPAW Media Release: Shirley Wind “Heath Hazard” – Plympton-Wyoming By-Law Includes Noise Penalties

North American Platform Against Windpower MEDIA RELEASE October 16, 2014 BOOKEND HEALTH ISSUES TURBINES: Existing project in Glenmore WI (Brown County) formally declares its Duke’s “Shirley Wind” project a “health hazard”, and Mayor Lonny Napper and … Read On »

ERD Court, South Australia. Record of Outcome, Quinn v AGL & Council of Goyder

RECORD OF OUTCOME September 11, 2012 Hearing Type: Directions Hearing Outcome Type: Order Court of Origin: Environment Resources and Development Court Action Number: ERD-09-230 Between: William Laurence QUINN, Appellant AND REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOYDER, Respondent 1: … Read On »

Rogers, Linda Witness Statement, Environmental Review Tribunal, Ontario 2014

Witness Statement Prepared by: Linda J Rogers NP-PHC. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Haldimand County, Ontario Submitted: December 8, 2014 ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW TRIBUNAL: Case No. 14-096 Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc., v. Director, Ministry of the … Read On »