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Living Near Wind Turbines – Personal Account from Massachussets Residents

WINDWISE MASSACHUSSETS HANCOCK MA –– The Berkshire Wind project consists of ten 1.5 MW wind turbines on Brodie Mountain in northwestern Massachusetts. Sherman Derby, Hancock, MA — Lives about ½ mile from the nearest turbine. Mr. … Read On »

Stansfeld, S.A., et al. Aircraft and Road Traffic Noise and Children’s Cognition and Health

RANCH article, Lancet 3 June 2005; 365: 1942–49 S.A. Stansfeld, B. Berglund, C. Clark, I. Lopez-Barrio, P. Fischer, E. Ohrstrom, M.M. Haines, J. Head, S. Hygge, Ivan Kamp, B.F. Berry on behalf of the RANCH study … Read On »