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Cooper, S. Hiding Wind Farm Noise in Ambient Measurements…. Denver August 2013

Hiding Wind Farm Noise in Ambient Measurements – Noise Floor, Wind Direction and Frequency Limitations Steven Cooper, The Acoustic Group … Read On »

Turnbull, C. Turner, J. Recent Developments, Wind Farm Noise, Australia

5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise, Denver 28-30 August, 2013 Recent developments in wind farm noise in Australia Chris Turnbull, Jason Turner, Sonus Pty Ltd   In recent years, the noise from wind turbines has … Read On »

Lichtenhan, Salt: Amplitude Modulation of Audible Sounds by Non-audible Sounds

Amplitude modulation of audible sounds by non-audible sounds: Understanding the effects of wind turbine noise Jeffery Lichtenhan and Alec Salt, International Congress on Acoustics, Montreal June 2013 Our research has suggested a number of mechanisms by … Read On »

Nobbs B, Doolan C, Moreau D, Characterisation – Noise in Homes Affected by Wind Turbine Noise

Benjamin Nobbs, Con J. Doolan and Danielle J. Moreau Proceedings of Acoustics 2012 – Fremantle Australia, November 21-23 2012 Traditional means of measuring noise in residents’ homes affected by wind turbine noise may not have the … Read On »