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McCarron, Dr G. Submission Senate Committee on Unconventional Gas Mining

Dr Geralyn McCarron, Submission No. 12, January 31, 2016 Submission: Select Committee on Unconventional Gas Mining (Bender Inquiry) Contents   INTRODUCTION REPORTED HEALTH IMPACTS THE QUESTION OF CANCER MENTAL HEALTH IMPACTS THE ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT ONGOING IMPACTS: … Read On »

Waubra Foundation Calls for Research – Environmental Noise from Coal & Gas Extraction, & Transport

February 27, 2015 Media Release Waubra Foundation Calls for Research into Environmental Noise from Coal and Gas Extraction and Transport, as Well as Wind Turbine Noise “The Climate and Health Alliance’s recent report[1] into the adverse … Read On »

Robinson, S. Mental Health Aspects of Coal Seam Gas Mining

Dr Steve Robinson, Psychiatrist Submission to NSW Inquiry Into Coal Seam Gas, August 2011 “Mining has extensive health impacts at each stage from exploration to rehabilitation. The mental health impacts arise from both the psychosocial stressors … Read On »

Munro, S. Rich Land Waste Land – How Coal is Killing Australia

In a talk entitled Clearing Out the Country, Author Sharyn Munro speaks about her new book, Rich Land Waste Land – How Coal is Killing Australia Riches are the things that people and society treasure, be … Read On »

Noise Monitoring at Coal Seam Gas Mining in Qld Reveals Damaging Infrasound

Queensland Department of Health Report: Coal Seam Gas in the Tara Region Summary risk assessment of health complaints and environmental monitoring data – March 2013 Section 4.2.2 The level of annoyance from low frequency noise depends … Read On »