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Sullivan, Dr Philip. Writes to ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

Few would imagine that the more pragmatic people of Australia would emulate our stupidity. Dear Commissioner Pascoe At a time when the need for research into the detrimental effects of wind turbines on people and wildlife … Read On »

Jeffery, Krogh, Horner: Adverse Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines

Canadian Family Physician, Vol 59: May 2013 Roy D. Jeffery MD FCFP, Carmen Krogh, Brett Horner CMA Canadian family physicians … Read On »

Havas, M. Colling D. Wind Turbines Make Waves: Why Some Residents Near Wind Turbines Become Ill

Abstract People who live near wind turbines complain of symptoms that include some combination of the following: difficulty sleeping, fatigue, … Read On »