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Massey Academics Seek Legal Advice

STUFF – Education Janine Rankin, November 16, 2017 Two Massey staff and a Palmerston North consultant are fighting to restore their international reputations after the university’s response to a complaint of dodgy research was released to Australian … Read On »

Environmental Health Diary

This sheet is a proforma of the Environmetal Health Diary used by Rapley and Atkinson at field research in Lithgow, NSW in December, 2015, such research funded by the Waubra Foundation. The form was developed by … Read On »

Metcalfe, C. Open Letter to President of the British Medical Association

Christine Metcalfe, June 21, 2014 The President, British Medical Association Dear Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Although a very short time has elapsed since receipt of the last BMA reply on behalf of Mr. Bourne, it has been … Read On »

Jennings, Nick. New Zealand “AMA Ignored Science Of Wind Turbine Noise”

A considerable number of years ago, when I had the privilege of being the Chairman of the New Zealand Mountain … Read On »

Turbines of Death – How Turbines Slaughter Native Wildlife and Worsen Health

By Melissa Wishart, Investigate HERS, Feb-March 2013 Extract from the article is reproduced below, with permission from the author. The … Read On »

ACNC Appeal – Responses from Professionals, Citizens and Impacted Residents re Loss of Health Promotion Charity Status

On 11th December, 2014 the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Assistant Commissioner, David Locke handed down his decision that … Read On »