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Papadopoulos, G. Wind Turbines & Low Frequency Noise: Implications for Human Health

Wind Turbines and Low Frequency Noise: Implications for Human Health Papadopoulos, George September 2012 Low frequency noise (LFN) First of all, what is low frequency noise? It is noise, as the name suggests, at the lower … Read On »

Pierpont, Dr Nina. Response to Geoff Leventhall Criticism January 2007

NINA PIERPONT M.D. PH.D. January 14, 2007 Geoff Leventhall, MSc, PhD Consultant in Noise Vibration and Acoustics 150 Craddocks Avenue Ashtead Surrey KT2 l 1NL UK Dear Dr. Leventhall, Thank you for your several e-mails and … Read On »

Are Wind Turbines a Headache? Pembrokshire Herald

The Pembrokeshire Herald September 2, 2014 Are Wind Turbines a Headache? LEADING SCIENTISTS are concerned that a new threat may be posed by wind turbines, a threat that could damage our ears known as ‘Vibro-Acoustic Disease’. … Read On »

Annoyance and Wind Turbines – Society for Wind Vigilance

“Annoyance with wind turbine noise was associated with psychological distress, stress, difficulties to fall asleep and sleep interruption.” [1] Peer … Read On »

Hessler, George Comments to South Australian EPA re Study at Waterloo Wind Farm

George Hessler, Hessler Associated, Inc. February 28, 2014 No one knows why a relatively few wind farms evoke such intense adverse … Read On »

James, Richard R. Opening Statement Nov 18, 2013 BluEarth Project, Bull Creek, Alberta

Opening Statement of Richard R. James, INCE Proceeding Number 1955, 18th November, 2013 Thank you for the opportunity to provide … Read On »

Leventhall, Witness Statement, Erickson, Chatham-Kent, Kent Breeze Corp

WITNESS STATEMENT OF Dr. Geoff Leventhall Independent acoustical consultant, January 17, 2011 Case Nos.: 10-121 and 10-122 In the matter … Read On »