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Swinbanks M. Wind Turbine Noise Meeting 2015

Direct Experience of Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound  Within a Windfarm Community M. A. Swinbanks, 6th International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise Glasgow 20-23 April 2015 Summary The author first became aware of the adverse health … Read On »

Swinbanks, M.A. Enhanced Perception of Infrasound, PP Presentation

Low Frequency 2012 15th Conference on Low frequency Noise Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, May 2012 Enhanced Perception of Infrasound in the Presence of Low-Level Uncorrelated Low-Frequency Noise. Dr M.A. Swinbanks Powerpoint presentation to Low Frequency 2012 Conference Figure … Read On »

Den Brook Judicial Review Group – Monitoring Amplitude Modulation, Proposed Wind Farm

Monitoring of Greater Than Expected Amplitude Modulation (GTE-AM) Spreyton Devon EX17 5AR May 26, 2015 RES UK and Ireland Ltd. FAO CEO Dr Ian Mays, Board of Directors & Ors Dear Sir/Madam,. Background We the Den … Read On »

James, Swinbanks, Rand – Steve Cooper’s Report Shows Cause & Effect

Correspondence between US, NZ and Australian Acousticians as to “the professional ability and qualifications of noise engineers / acousticians to determine “cause and effect” of human responses to sound energy” These emails were exchanged between acoustic … Read On »

Response to Prof Leventhall’s Comments at Australian Federal Senate Inquiry

RESPONSE TO PROFESSOR LEVENTHALL’S COMMENTS TO AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL SENATE INQUIRY INTO EXCESSIVE NOISE FROM WIND FARMS BILL November 27, 2012 The following comments are made in response to a number of assertions and comments Professor Leventhall … Read On »

James, Richard R. Opening Statement Nov 18, 2013 BluEarth Project, Bull Creek, Alberta

Opening Statement of Richard R. James, INCE Proceeding Number 1955, 18th November, 2013 Thank you for the opportunity to provide … Read On »

Chapman, S. et al Evidence for the Psychogenic, “Communicated Disease” Hypothesis

Spatio-temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms: evidence for the psychogenic, “communicated disease” hypothesis Simon Chapman, PhD FASSA, Alexis St. George, MSc PhD, Karen Waller, BSc, Vince Cakic, BSc … Read On »

Laurie, S. Comments on Proposed Health Canada Study

Comments on Proposed Health Canada Study – September 7, 2012 General Background I have been asked to contribute comments on … Read On »