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Héroux et al. WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region

EuroNoise 2015, 31 May – 3 June, Maastricht EAA-NAG-ABAV ISSN 2226-5147 Marie-Eve Héroux, Wolfgang Babisch , Goran Belojevic, Mark Brink, Sabine Janssen, Peter Lercher, Marco Paviotti, Göran Pershagen, Kerstin Persson Waye, Anna Preis, Stephen Stansfeld, Martin … Read On »

Dickinson, Prof P. Changes & Challenges in Environmental Noise Measurement

Changes and Challenges In Environmental Noise Measurement. Philip J Dickinson Massey university Wellington, New Zealand Source: Acoustics Australia Vol 34 December (2006) No. 3 Many changes have occurred in the last seventy years, not least of … Read On »

Basner, Dr Mathias et al. Auditory and Non-auditory Effects of Noise on Health

REVIEW October 30, 2013 Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA Mathias Basner, Wolfgang Babisch, Adrian Davis, Mark Brink, Charlotte Clark, … Read On »

Climate & Health Alliance: Coal and Health in the Hunter

This report released in February 2015 by the Climate and Health Alliance details some of the noise and vibration related … Read On »

Holy Transfiguration Monastry Writes to ACNC in support of Waubra Foundation

13 February 2015 To ACNC Commissioner, Ms Susan Pascoe Dear Commissioner Pacoe Although the appeal against the finding that the Waubra Foundation was found erroneously not to be a Health Promotion Charity, closed on the 9th … Read On »

Public Officials at Risk of Criminal Charges for Torture – Public Statement

23 October, 2014 PUBLIC STATEMENT Public Officials Are at Risk of Criminal Charges for Torture by Ignoring Prolonged Sleep Deprivation … Read On »

Stansfeld, S.A., et al. Aircraft and Road Traffic Noise and Children’s Cognition and Health

RANCH article, Lancet 3 June 2005; 365: 1942–49 S.A. Stansfeld, B. Berglund, C. Clark, I. Lopez-Barrio, P. Fischer, E. Ohrstrom, M.M. Haines, J. Head, S. Hygge, Ivan Kamp, B.F. Berry on behalf of the RANCH study … Read On »

Tiesler, C. et al. Exposure to Road Traffic Noise and Children’s Behavioural Problems and Sleep

Elsevier Environmental Research 123 (2013) 1–8 Carla M.T. Tiesler, Matthias Birk, Elisabeth Thiering, Gabriele Kohlbock, Sibylle Koletzko, Carl-Peter Bauer, Dietrich Berdel, Andrea von Berg, Wolfgang Babish, Joachim Heinrich for the GINIplus and LISAplus Study Groups. Abstract: … Read On »

Berglund, B. Lindvall, T. Community Noise

Community Noise, edited by Birgitta Berglund & Thomas Lindvall Stockholm, Sweden, 1995 This document was published by the World Health … Read On »