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Comments: New Polish Government Siting Criteria for Wind Turbines

Waubra Foundation Comments Re New Polish Government Rules for Siting Wind Turbines April 14, 2016 I commend the Polish Government on their attempts to ensure improved regulation of noise pollution emissions from industrial scale wind turbines, … Read On »

SA EPA & Resonate, Infrasound Levels Near Windfarms, Other Environments

South Australian Environment Protection Authority and Resonate Acoustics Report T Evans, J Cooper & V Lenchine, Undertaken in conjunction with Resonate Acoustics January 2013 Interestingly, this report was published shortly after the Chairman of the SA … Read On »

Acoustic Pollution Assessment Requirements

On behalf of the many people around the world, suffering acute and chronic health damage from living near wind turbines and other emitters of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration, the Waubra Foundation demands that relevant … Read On »