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Leventhall, HG, Low Frequency Noise and Annoyance. 2004

LOW FREQUENCY NOISE AND ANNOYANCE Noise & Health, Bimonthly Inter-disciplinary International Journal HG Leventhall Noise and Vibration Consultant, Ashtead, Surrey, United Kingdom Abstract Low frequency noise, the frequency range from about 10Hz to 200Hz, has been … Read On »

Schomer, P. Comments in Acoustics Today About Prof Leventhall’s Paper, July 2013

COMMENTS ON RECENTLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE, “CONCERNS ABOUT INFRASOUND FROM WIND TURBINES” Paul D. Schomer Schomer and Associates, Inc. Excerpts from Acoustics Today – October 2013 “Around the world there are people who report that they can … Read On »

Jennings, Nick. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

One finds it difficult to know where to start to comment on such a blatant display of ignorance of the matter under consideration. SOME INITIAL THOUGHTS, AT SHORT NOTICE, CONCERNING THE WAUBRA FOUNDATION Firstly, I understand … Read On »

James, Swinbanks, Rand – Steve Cooper’s Report Shows Cause & Effect

Correspondence between US, NZ and Australian Acousticians as to “the professional ability and qualifications of noise engineers / acousticians to determine “cause and effect” of human responses to sound energy” These emails were exchanged between acoustic … Read On »

Dr Nina Pierpont, MD PHD Writes to the ACNC Regarding the Waubra Foundation’s Status

  Ms Susan Pascoe, Commissioner Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) Sent via email [email protected] February 9, 2015 … Read On »

Pierpont, N, Testimony to NY State Legislature Energy Committee, March 2006

Wind Turbine Syndrome Testimony before the New York State Legislature Energy Committee March 7, 2006 Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD MD, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1991 PhD, Population Biology, Princeton University, 1985 BA, Biology, … Read On »

Lobbyist for Industry Group Supporting Wind Power Apologises to Vermont Senate Committee

Dave Gram, Associated Press, April 24, 2013 MONTPELIER, Vermont — A lobbyist for an industry group supporting wind power apologized to a Vermont Senate committee on Wednesday after a witness she brought in called health concerns … Read On »