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Punch, J et al, Wind Turbine Noise, What Audiologists Should Know

Noise from modern wind turbines is not known to cause hearing loss, but the low-frequency noise and vibration emitted by … Read On »

Colby et al, Leventhall et al Wind Turbine Sound & Health Effects, Expert Panel Review

Report prepared for the American Wind Energy Association & Canadian Wind Energy Association, 2009 W. David Colby, Robert Dobie, Geoff Leventhall, David … Read On »

Broner, N. The Effects of Low Frequency Noise on People – A Review

Journal of Sound and Vibration (1978) 58(4), 483-500 THE EFFECTS OF LOW FREQUENCY NOISE ON PEOPLE­ – A REVIEW N. BRONER Department of Physics, Chelsea College, University of London, London S W6 5PR, England ( Received … Read On »