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Testimony, Noel Dean, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

Federal Senate Inquiry into The Social & Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms Noel & Janine Dean describe the adverse health effects suffered by their family, which forced them to abandon their family home after the Waubra … Read On »

Dr Sandy Reider Testimony, Calls for Moratorium on Wind Farms

Dr Reider’s Testimony to the Vermont State Legislature, calls for a moritorium on wind projects until further understanding of the … Read On »

Psychologist Peter Trask Calls on Government to Listen

Peter Trask submission to Australian Federal Senate Inquiry into Excessive Noise – “I believe that (a) process of obfuscation is now … Read On »

Nissenbaum et al, Effects – Industrial Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep & Health

Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health Michael A. Nissenbaum, Jeffery J. Aramini, Christopher D. Hanning Noise … Read On »

Haste Makes Waste – Analysis of NHMRC Rapid Review

The Society for Wind Vigilance July 2010 The National Health & Medical Research Council’s (Australia) “Rapid Review” is an incomplete literature review … Read On »